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LiFePO4 Battery 12v 40AH


Price: AU$239

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ThunderSky are one of the first manufacturers of large format LiFePO4 cells, and are one of the most popular lithium battery solutions around the world. These products have a track record and good quality control in manufacture.

These small 12V batteries are designed to work with any automotive electrical system. They can be charged using regular lead acid battery chargers or solar charging systems. ThunderSky 12V LiFePO4 Batteries can be used in place of your ordinary automotive starting battery. They are especially good for performance and racing applications where weight is a factor. These cells have a self discharge rate of less than 3%/month so they are perfect for classic cars and hot rods that are not used often, and they wont corrode or spill acid in the engine bay. ThunderSky 12V LiFePO4 are also perfect in place of a deep cycle battery and will last far longer for marine applications, motorcycles, 4x4 dual battery systems, caravan and motor-home power, or anywhere you need a light, safe, long lasting battery.

Only weighs 7kg
Dimensions 225125208mm
Can be mounted in any orientation
Will not spill, leak
Robust construction
Voltage: 12V nominal, 16V max
Cycle life: 3000 to 80% DOD, 5000 to 70% DOD (5-10 times longer than lead acid)
Safe LiFePO4 chemistry, proven performance and reliability.
One year factory warranty on manufacturing defects

Care guide: Please note LiFePO4 cells must not be over discharged take a moment to read our Lithium Care Guide before using LiFePO4 batteries.


  • 8.0 kg

Product Code:

  • BAT-LP12V40AH

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