About Us

EV Works Pty Ltd started in Kewdale Western Australia in 2009 with the aim of filling a gap in the EV market to provide components for electric vehicle conversions.  EV Works has since moved to Landsdale Western Australia.

EV Works is a leading  provider of Lithium batteries as well as components for electric vehicles.

EV Works won a vendor selection process for the conversion of 11 new Ford Focus vehicles to fully electric.
EV Works first completed a prototype vehicle in order to demonstrate the established performance criteria. The Prototype Agreement was signed between EV Works, UWA and the DoT and provided for the following:
• Vehicle to be converted as per set specification.
• Converted vehicle to meet fully all requirements to be licensed;
• Converted vehicle to achieve a minimum range of 100km;
• Converted vehicle to achieve a top speed of at least 120km per hour;
• Provide service and maintenance.