1958 MG TF




In August/September 2009, we assisted Glen George with the completion of his electric MG TF conversion. Glen had restored the vehicle and had installed the TransWarp 9 motor, we assisted with finalising battery installation, traction circuit componentry, and electrical wiring.

It is a racing MG TF with fibreglass body, front disc brakes (not vacuum assisted, so no need for a vacuum pump). The motor runs direct drive, i.e no gearbox, and the vehicle has a CafeElectric Zilla 1K (1000A) controller to ensure there's no shortage of torque.

Very light and very fast! Glen plans to race it.


  • Owner: Glen George, Swan View WA
  • Converted: Sept 2009

Technical Specifications

  • Motor: Netgain TransWarp 9
  • Controller: Zilla Z1K-HV
  • Batteries: 45 x Thundersky LFP160AHA
  • BMS: EV Power TS90
  • Charger: Zivan NG3
  • Instrumentation: TBS E-Xpert Pro
  • DC-DC Converter: Iota DLS-55
  • Vacuum Pump: none
  • Contactor(s): Nanfeng SW200
  • Fuse(s): Bussman FWH 500A
  • Safety Gear: no seatbelts (who needs them?)


  • Top Speed: Scary
  • Range: >120km
  • Curb weight: ~900kg