1990 BMW 318i



This vehicle was converted by Rob Mason around 2007 and has been in regular use as his daily commuter vehicle since.

The gearbox has been removed and the Advanced DC FB1 motor (similar to a NetGain Warp9) is connected directly to the tailshaft. Reverse is achieved by driving the motor in reverse. Plenty of torque is available for this direct drive application thanks to the 2000A Zilla controller, with impressive performance.

The 45x ThunderSky 160Ah batteries hold about 23kWh which gives this vehicle a useful range of around 100-140km, depending on driving style and conditions.

This vehicle has also been used as a testbed for EV Works' fast charging system prototypes. Visible under the bonnet are the heavy orange cables and 175A Anderson connector for the fast charging connection, capable of bulk charging the pack in under an hour.


Technical Specifications

  • Motor: Advanced DC FB1
  • Controller: CafeElectric Zilla 2K
  • Batteries: 45x ThunderSky 160Ah LFP
  • BMS: TBA
  • Charger: Zivan NG3
  • Instrumentation: ZEVA EVMS
  • DC-DC Converter: Meanwell 38A
  • Vacuum Pump: Bettavac
  • Contactor(s): Albright SW200
  • Fuse(s): Ferraz Shawmutt 700A
  • Safety Gear: Ground fault detection via EVMS


  • Top Speed: 140km/h
  • Range: 100-140km
  • Curb weight: 1200kg