1990 Nissan Silvia


Steve with the Silvia before conversion



Over the summer of 2008/9, Ian Hooper (from EVWorks) assisted Steve Gates with the conversion of his Nissan Silvia. The engine had started to develop some problems so Steve decided it was time to switch to a more reliable and environmentally-friendly solution - electric drive!

Steve lives at the top of a hill so we decided it would be wise to retain the vehicle's gearbox to make hill climbing a little easier on the motor, a NetGain Warp 9. We went for fairly similar components to Ian's MX5 since it was a proven solution, though Steve may add a few more cells to the battery pack soon for a little extra range and power.

Steve is involved with many environmental and sustainability causes, and is chairman of Sustainable Energy Now, a not-for-profit association dedicated to promoting sustainable energy solutions in Western Australia.


  • Owner: Steve Gates, Gooseberry Hill WA
  • Converted: Summer 2008/9

Technical Specifications

  • Motor: NetGain Warp 9
  • Controller: Logisystems 1000A
  • Batteries: 40x ThunderSky LFP160AHA
  • BMS: EVPower TS90
  • Charger: Zivan NG3
  • Instrumentation: TBS Expert Pro
  • DC-DC Converter: IOTA DLS-45
  • Vacuum Pump: MES-DEA 70/6E
  • Contactor(s): Nanfeng ZHW400A
  • Fuse(s): 2x Littelfuse 800A
  • Safety Gear: Inertia switch, emergency stop


  • Top Speed: 120km/h
  • Range: 100km
  • Curb weight: 1200kg