1995 Volvo 960



This Volvo was converted at EV Works in 2009 on behalf of the owner Bill Coleman, and is a good example of a luxury car conversion.

We used a large, reconditioned series DC forklift motor running direct drive to the tailshaft, with by a CafeElectric Zilla 1K-LV controller.

The vehicle's 29kWh battery pack made up from 45x ThunderSky LFP200AHA cells, with most cells under the bonnet and another row tucked into the boot.

This is the first EV conversion we are aware of in the world to have reverse cycle air-conditioning installed, but it has been quite successful so we're sure it won't be the last. Reverse cycle A/C is much more efficient and effective than electric heating elements usually used in EV conversions, and is much faster to produce heat on cold mornings than waiting for a petrol engine to warm up!

This was a relatively challenging conversion to the prevalence of electronic systems, in particular the dependence of the climate control system on signals from the engine control unit (notifying it of a warm engine).


  • Owner: Bill Coleman
  • Converted: 2009

Technical Specifications

  • Motor: Reconditioned forklift motor
  • Controller: CafeElectric Zilla 1K
  • Batteries: 45x 200Ah ThunderSky lithium
  • BMS: EV Power TS-90
  • Charger: Kingpan
  • Instrumentation: Link-10 battery gauge
  • Contactor(s): Nanfeng ZJW400A


  • Top Speed: 120km/h
  • Range: 100km
  • Curb weight: ~2 tonne